SMPS blast


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This is different than the previous supply. That one was 5V 10A. This one is 12V 2A
What are you hooking it to? - not the same LED sign, I hope.

It sounds like you are wiring the supply wrong or that the load is not right for the supply. The datasheet for a Meanwell S-25-12 is attached. Its rated for 85-264VAC in 47-63 Hz so your power is OK. If you have it connected right and it is a new (not Ebay junk) unit, it should work fine even without a load.

Review it for proper wiring. You might post a diagram of how you have it actually wired up.
When you replace the fuze, replace it with the same type. If it blows again with no load and proper input connection, you'll have to dig into it for repair or replace it with a known good one that is correct for the application.

Consider using an inline fuze on the input.

The manual @bertus posted has all you need to match the fuze value and type. Its more useful if you read it instead of posting pictures of it.

Good luck.


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The wiring was done right when i opened the Display.
Actually now i think they require more engineering to it as the all part Chinese no company/brand.

I have listen by led display company itself they use mean well power source.
my aim was to collect some knowledge from it.