Simulation of the effects of bypass diodes in Solar Panel

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I am trying to simulate solar cells of a solar module with 72 cells and see the effects of partial shading as well as the activation of bypass diode. For now I am just simulating 2 cells of the PV module.

I am confident that the model works without the bypass diodes, when I plot I(V1) vs V(v+), at 1000w/m2.
{Virr} is what I use to change the irradiance level.

I then add the bypass diodes and give the bottom cell irradiance of 500w/m2, to see the effect of bypass diodes and I see the correct waveform as we should, where the IV Curve starts at about 9.4A at 1000W/m2 and then its dips to about 4.8A for 500 W/m2. However, the voltage dips at about 0V and I do not understand why that happens, where as it should be happening around 0.5V.

I have attached the .asc file of the simulation.