Simulate cat5 or cat6 cable with LTSpice


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Do you want to simulate it as a high-frequency transmission line, or just a cable with inductance and capacitance for low frequency signals?


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Above the symbol of the twisted pair are specified specific parameters (parameters for one meter) - specific resistance of one core - r, specific capacitance between the conductors of the pair - C, specific capacitance between the shield and one conductor - Cws, specific resistance of the screen - Rs. The last value is not given and I took Rs=r/10.
The length of the twisted pair is Len.
When I made the model I didn't know that there are cat5 and cat6 and I took the parameters of some random twisted pair. Now I don't remember which one. It wasn't important to me at the time.
I used the Twisted_pair1024 element. The model consists of 1024 cells.


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Thanks Bordodynov, do you have any links where to find the characteristics of the cat5 cable? I've been looking for 3 hours but I can't find a paper that lists in an exhaustive way the parameters you reported. it's very frustrating


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It all depends on the length of the twisted pair.
Maybe 32 sections are enough for you. It all depends on the edge of the signal you're transmitting. N=Len is fine.
Why are you giving a sinusoidal signal?