Searching for small form factor electric motors for robotic snake assembly

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I am searching for small form factor (less than 2 cm diameter) electric motors. The application (a 10-15 ft long robotic snake) will require 60 of them. I have a budget of about 4-5 dollars per motor (though this is flexible).

Hierarchy of Needs
  1. Less than 2cm in diameter (ideally 1cm)
  2. Available in large quantities (I need 60)
  3. Maximum torque possible with no load output RPM greater than or equal to 100 RPM
  4. Price (4-5 dollars per motor)
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Here's some of the staff from faulhaber ... that's where the $300 goes ....None of them make motors , just shuffle paper
they probably subcontract the motor making out to a chinese company , who make them for faulhaber for 50c each ..

Ebay is slowly putting an end to all this ... every type imaginable these 12 motors cost $7 inc delivery....that's 60c each

for the low speed you require gears are needed ....
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Hello all and thank you for replying. My application is such that these motors will not be "oscillated" and instead they will be driven at a constant speed in the same direction. It is also ok if the motors have some "slop" to them. Precision engineering can take a back seat to a slightly larger size and reduced cost. The best I have found so far are on amazon if you search "10 Pack of Miniature DC Motors for Hobby Projects" as the top entry.

However, there are some reliability issues. Still, they are cheap, powerful enough, and if I wasn't worried about them breaking (and needing to resolder 120 wires after they break), they would work well for my application.

Anyone have a similar motor they recommend?


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They have some pretty nifty piezo motors now. Gonna be pricey, but you should check it out. Check out the linear motors.......a few in a train might fit the bill.

YouTube piezo motors. I'm not familiar with them or the drivers needed. But one would think these have super potential.

All kinds of advantages.


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All Electronics, USA, has a nice gear head motor close to your specs: 6V DC, 80 RPM, 130mA, 61 mm X 20 mm dia., 4 mm shaft, $ 5.95. CAT # DCM 365. I can only slow it slightly by finger pinching the shaft.