Searching for Accelerometer that bridges 2 pins upon shock

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    May 23, 2016
    Hello, i'm searching for an accelerometer, which is small and makes a temporary connection between 2 pins, so when i tap the device slightly agains my leg, it turn on. It only needs to bridg 2 connections of a IC. Here is the diagram. Btw, there must be no resistant between the input pin (bridge pin 1) and output pin (bridge pin 2). It only needs to connect those 2 together when tapped temporarily with a continuity of max 1sec. I tried something similar with the 555, but it wont fit and most likely not work. So this is where i'm searching hard for.

    Even if i have to rip components of an iPhone 5C circuit board i have here, its works but i will never ever use it and i can rip the accelerometer and other cool sensors off, But this is the last step if this can be done with an accelerometer

    There are mechanical solutions for this, but they are not as reliable, so i can't use 2 metal pins and use it as a tap switch, it works as those 2 pins will touch each other, but it's unreliable.

    And the solution must be smaller then a DIP 8 package.

    Btw, its used to bridge 2 pins of an SOT23-6 package together by tapping it.

    Any info would be awesome:D image.jpg
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    Sep 22, 2013
    An accelerometer would need to be under acceleration for the duration of the continuity wanted.
    If the max duration is 1 sec., why not use a switch?
    And if you insist on the leg action......possibly a pressure switch?
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