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hello guys

For school I need to do a practical tasks which involves some theoratical preparation. School gave me this problem.

For H(w) i have 1713979644805.png
I have to find out the ratio of R1 and R2 for the gain to be -12dB for example R1 =aR2 where a needs to be determined.
If someone can help me out I would be glad, also some tips for some usefull books or videos would be appreciated a lot.

ps sorry for the bad spelling English isin't my main language



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I agree with you on H(jω).
I agree on low pass, but that’s not the whole story.
When you first see a filter, to determine what it does, analyse it at two very easy frequencies, f=0 and f=∞.
What does that tell you about this filter, that is different from the usual low pass filter you see?