schematic location on my laptop

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Hi all, When I open files in ltspice I can find all my circuit designs or schematics. I need to know where the schematic is located on my computer. I know where symbols and subcircuits are but where is the schematic located?
I need to know this to transfer the schematic to kicad for printed circuit creation. Thanks.


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You can do that with Kicad?
I don't know about Kicad, I was referring to LTspice. It is kind of interesting how an LTspice schematic can be used in a layout package with nary a pin number or a package specification in sight. Maybe because the last board I did was on mylar at 4:1 with Bishop Graphics puppets, blue and red tape transferred to rubylith.


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If your laptop is running Windows, enter the schematic file name (or just .asc) in the search box at the bottom left of your screen.