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Hello all,
I would like to receive some help with my study in Schematics. I've attached a Schematic and a few questions. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Study the following schematic of a rudimentary USB-to-Serial converter:

Consider the scenario where you are required to troubleshoot an issue with the above shown converter. The problem statement from the user is as follows:
“After I have connected the converter it does not communicate with the Device Under Test. I have confirmed the power and USB connections were correct but still it does not communicate.”
Question 1
Describe the first steps you would undertake to determine the likely cause of the problem.
Question 2
Indicate on which components would you conduct a measurement to confirm that the incoming voltage is present and correct.
Question 3
Indicate on which component would you conduct a measurement to confirm that 5V and 3.3V is present in the circuit.
Question 4
Assuming both VIN and 5V is present but 3.3V was measured at 0V, in which functional block is the problem most likely?
Question 5 (Bonus)
What type of component is Q1 and which tests can be performed with a multimeter to confirm the component is functional?



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Please provide what you think the answers are to the questions. We cannot provide answers for homework, but if you give it your best shot we can look at your answers and provide feedback.