Scalar control in open loop with VSI of an asynchronous motor in Simulink

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Good morning everybody,
I'm doing a thesis in Electrical Engineering that ranged from the study of an ABB Inverter to the laboratory building of an AC drive for a generic asynchronous motor. At this point in the discussion I would need to simulate my system using the matlab / simulink software, with which to operate the motor by providing it with a speed profile (for examples trapezoidal) to follow.
In addition to my limited knowledge of the program, as is often the case with the thesis, time also shakes and I do not have the time to deepen my knowledge about it.
So I wanted to ask if there were some "simulink files" that could solve my problem, since what I did after weeks of work fails to fully satisfy me.

Thanks to everybody, i hope I did not break any rule in the forum.