Differentiation of scalar and vector products

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Hey guys

I have a Tutorial that I need to hand in , in 2 weeks but I am stuck with the following problem:

The question Is: "question.jpg"
The answer according to the notes the lecturer gave us is: 2-2u-9u^2.

When I do the math(see atttached document: "workings.jpg" My answer differ slightly and I can not see the problem in my workings, so hoping you guys can maybe spot a problem or if not maybe the answers he gave us is not correct.(even though I asked him and he could not give me a 100% on a yes or no).



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I don't think so. ijk are commonly used basis vectors for the Cartesian coordinate system.

I like your result. The sign of the \(u^2\) term in the dot product is positive. I don't see how he got the negative sign.
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Wow guys/girls thanks for all the response to this thread, really appreciate it. I don't know how this forum work, but there were more questions to that tutorial , which the answers that were given with it does not agree with my answers, is it ok if I scan in my work and post it in this thread, so you guys can take a look and see if I made a mistake somewhere? I wont ask anyone to work out the problem for me ,I will do all the work. Just want to know if I am on the right path with this work, since a test is coming up aswell and I want to score well in it.



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Of course you can post your work for verification.

If it is purely math, leave it in the Math forum. Otherwise it might be better suited in the Homework Help section.