RF Connector- No Clue What Type

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I am manufacturing a box that will have these proximitors in them, however I need to know what the connector on them is called as I cannot figure it out and need to buy female ones like it and male ones to go with. I have checked the data sheet of the model, and it is not present in it what the type of connector is called.

Can anyone help me with identifying this type of connection?
Small RF Connector Male.jpeg
Small RF Connector Female.jpeg
Thank you!

( https://www.protectivesupplies.com/datasheets/8_7200_5_8mm_datasheet_1990-1991_(1).pdf - The link to the proximitors in case you need it)

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Could they be custom connectors? You might want to ask the manufacturer of the proximaters for advice.
They may be custom. I have emailed the company and am waiting on a reply. Although there is a chance, due to the age of the proximitor, they may not have anything on file for it.


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Does the socket have threads on the outside? If so it looks like a SMA connector, but the plug doesn't look like a SMA plug.


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Does the socket have threads on the outside? If so it looks like a SMA connector, but the plug doesn't look like a SMA plug.
It doesn't quite look like an SMA connector. The pin is too large, and the dielectric fills the whole connector.

It' has to be a 95Ω connector, but the only ones I know of are twinax.


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I wonder if it is a DIN type of connector, like the 1.0/2.3 type (also called 1.0-2.3). I think the shell may be a bit spring loaded, which is why the plug shows the shell way back, but normally it is flush with the pin when connected.
If we could know any label on the cable (cable type), that would help narrow it down.
Is that plug/socket part of the transducer, or a different internal connection? The transducer uses 95 ohm cable...

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It appears to be the same connector used on Bentley Nevada proximitors. The people who will probably know for sure are Connection Technology Center. As well as manufacturing accelerometers and other vibration transducers, they make custom cables. They may be a good resresource to know.


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an interesting problem, as mentioned above, best to talk to the manufacturer,
The "problem" is that these things are fussy.
may be that's why they seem to offer different cable lengths,
Even if its a SMA type, whichits not,
then you at least two different impedance type to select
the wrong one plugged in at best gives bad results, at worse damaged the unit
I also read about lead lined cables / steel lined,
seems that there might be a fair requirement on that as well.

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Hello all.

Thank you all very much for the replies to this. I was eventually emailed by the company and they had no record on file of the exact connectors. It seems like it must be a custom connector as I have tried with some left over SMA sockets I found, and it does not connect.

I have decided to go another route with the manufacturing and should be okay without knowing. Custom connectors are a pain XD.