Resonance using Transformers: Engineering Power Lab Project

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    These are the circumstances given:

    I want to use two Current Transformers in series with a conductor in a loop to see how hot it can get by inducing AC current (1,000 amps and higher). However, one Current transformer will be fed from one source and the other from another. The first CT from first source I am allowed to get to resonance (pull less current from source/induce more current) if I only used it in the loop by it self.

    Now that I have the second CT (rated the same) in the loop and from and second source, I am getting crazy numbers in the primaries. When I mean crazy I mean, When I raise one source the second CT primary goes up. I am sure that I am generating some voltage across the terminals of the second CT, but if I raise simultaneously they seem to "level off" judging by CT primary currents.

    I am wondering if there is a way to tune (reach resonance) with such a set-up with possibly two sources slightly out of phase? Both sources are capable of putting out same voltage. Does the second CT act as a load to loop? Does it also act as a load if I short the secondaries? How do I make both primaries read the same current using two different power sources?
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    @HighVoltage! : Posting multiple threads on the same subject is confusing for others. You already have one running in the Projects Forum.
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