3rd Year Project Help - Charging Using Series Resonance Converters

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Im new here so im sorry if im posting in the wrong section or something but it seemed right to me.

Im researching information for a 3rd year project for an electrical and electronic degree, and i was wondering if anyone here could direct me to some relevant information or offer some guidance directly if possible.

My project title is "Pulse Charging of a Lead Acid Battery using a Series Resonance Converter"

And description is "Lead Acid batteries can be pulse charged to improve the battery charging time. A number of
circuit topologies have been investigated and used for this purpose. The aim of this project is
to investigate the use of a high frequency series resonance converter for pulse charging lead
acid batteries.

I have been told to read up on series resonance converter and lead acid battery charging techniques and that for series resonance converter "Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design by Mohan, Undeland and Robbins" is a good starting point. And that for battery charging regimes look up material published by manufacturers.

I have also been told to read and research h-bridge and transformer supplied by h-bridge.

I know what a h-bridge is and how they are used to control motors, but im not so sure how it relates to transformers. Im struggling to understand the information in the book mentioned about resonance converters as we have yet to cover them at uni.

So any guidance or help would be most appreciated.

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H-bridges are used in some switch mode power supplies. I think they are known as push-pull converters. They use a transformer and a push-pull circuit to create higher or lower voltages.