Wireless Power Transfer using mangetic induction not magnetic resonance?

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Hi, I am designing a Wireless power transfer system using magnetic induction method instead of magnetic resonance and was having trouble designing the Transmitter circuit.
My Transmitter circuit consist of DC power source from a 12V, 5Ah lead acid battery which will power my TLC555 timer. The TLC555 timer will convert the DC voltage to AC voltage at a frequency of 900kHz. I was not getting enough current at the Receiver circuit so I decided to use the TLC555 timer to drive a IRF510 power MOSFET to get more current out.
Currently I can light up an LED at the receiver side with measured voltage of 1.8V and 2mA.
My transmitting coil has 7 turns with diameter of 7.5cm and my receiving coil has 15 turns with diamter of 7.5cm. Both composed from 22AWG magnet enameled coated copper wires.

This projects goal is to charge a mobile device so I needed a minimum of 5V and 500mA.

My questions were:
1.) Is this a feasible design to use magnetic induction to achieve my project goals or should I be using magnetic resonance?
2.) Should I be using a different oscillator than the TLC555 timer? (Colpits, Royer, Crystal, which one will meet my needs because these oscillator usually involved magnetic resonance not magnetic induction.)
3.) Is it feasible to use the TLC555 timer to drive the IRF510 power MOSFET or should I be using a power MOSFET driver like the MCP1406/07 chip.
4. Should I be using Litz wire instead, because I am working in high frequency so skin effect could be a problem?

Any comments, solutions, or questions will be greatly appreciated.
I have also posted a picture of my Multisim design down below. Capture.PNG