Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle - Matlab/Simulink Model

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HI all. I am building a bidirectional wireless power transfer system in MATLAB Simulink. Even though i successfully built the model but i am not getting the desired current waveform in the grid side during charging and discharging mode. Can anyone help me with idea to fix it? I am supposed to get Voltage and Current in phase (During charging) and Voltage and Current out of phase (During discharging).


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Not really. I am just trying to build a hardware prototype as a project for university. However, i am finding it difficult to simulate and control the grid side current.
The reason I ask concerns the rules of AAC. If this is an assignment for credit then your question belongs in Homework Help in order to signal to the members how to proceed. For credit assignments, the help we can offer is only advisory based on the work you’ve already done.

This means you need to lay out the problem, in enough detail to understand it (not a vague description), and what steps you’ve taken to answer your question yourself. Members can then help you along the path to answer using your own proposed solution.

Though your answer was contradictory—“no”, and “it is a university project”—I have moved this thread to the Homework Help forum. If you provide more detail and explain what you‘ve done to answer your own question you might find help from someone interested in the problem.

Good luck and again, welcome to AAC—thanks for joining us.