Wireless Power transfer for EV Application

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Prashant M Katageri

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Hey everyone I am an Electrical and Electronics student working on "WPT for EV application" project, need some suggestions on overview flow of project (for corrections) , BMS algorithm to build battery pack, and in designing the elements.
Please I request you guys to suggest me to build this project
Block diagram.png#WPT_for_EV_application


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Please I request you guys to suggest me to build this project.

Your meaning is less than clear. Since your block diagram is bereft of detail it is hard to know which parts will be challenging and which parts you know how to do. It might be reasonable to start with some requirements since it is reasonably clear that there will be some components of the system that already exist. For example the vehicle and the battery. Do you have specifications for those components? Do you know how to formulate a set of requirements? I'm thinking about such things as efficiency of the power conversion process and desired charging time. What say you?