Request a review of my first circuit design for a model airplane I'm building

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I'm building a 1/48 scale DC-3 model plane and would like to add some interior LED lights and a pair of micro DC motors. This is my first circuit design so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could review my initial schematic to let me know if it is workable. Obviously once I build the plane I can go back in to make changes. That is why I'm trying a parallel circuit for the 1W passenger cabin lights :)

I couldn't find a ready-built Multisim v12 AMS1117 3.3v buck converter component so I tried to emulate one using an LM317 voltage regulator. I'm also confused why the voltage measurement on the DC motor reads 22.785V, unless that is RPM? BTW, the resistors are pre-wired with the LEDs.
DC-3 Schematic.PNG

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