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    My first ESP32 Dev board design

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to designing schematics and PCB's and have only ever done simple circuits up until now. I have tried my hand at designing my very first ESP32 based Dev board. I know that these can be bought for fairly cheap already, but wanted to have a go at actually designing...
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    W5500 design issues.

    Hi, I'm trying to create a little ethernet board and I seemingly can't get it to communicate with an ESP32. I'm posting in this thread first as I suspect it's due to the design rather than the ESP32 ethernet library(could be). The design is based on the W5500 as its the chip LCSC has the most...
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    What is the output of this VCO?

    I am using ROS-43-119+ from Mini-circuits. I need a VCO that can generate a 40MHz frequency. ROS-43-119+ can generate my required frequency by controlling the tuning voltage. I need sinewave output from the VCO. There is no mention of the output type in the datasheet. So what is the out type...
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    Request a review of my first circuit design for a model airplane I'm building

    Hi I'm building a 1/48 scale DC-3 model plane and would like to add some interior LED lights and a pair of micro DC motors. This is my first circuit design so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could review my initial schematic to let me know if it is workable. Obviously once I build the...