1. bmbouter

    IP5306 Charging Circuit works for 33 seconds then strangely stops

    I'm new to circuit design. I'm using an Injoinic IP5306 battery charging IC (datasheet). I also use an AMS1117-3.3 (datasheet) to drop down the 5V power it produces to 3.3V. I've attached a picture of my schematic which shows the relevant portions, the IP5306 in single-LED configuration, the...
  2. ashokraj

    which type of dc to dc converter to use to convert 5V, 80mA input to 3V 300mA output?

    Hi, I am working on a solar panel whose output maximum specifications are 6V, 100mA ( nearly 0.6watt). Practically these values came to 5v, 80mA when tested in afternoon sun. I want to run a motor whose operating voltage is (3~12V), no load current is 180mA. I would like to know...
  3. R

    Request a review of my first circuit design for a model airplane I'm building

    Hi I'm building a 1/48 scale DC-3 model plane and would like to add some interior LED lights and a pair of micro DC motors. This is my first circuit design so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could review my initial schematic to let me know if it is workable. Obviously once I build the...