Replacing Analog CMOS?

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It seems to be the general consensus that at some point CMOS technology will have to be replaced with something more efficient. Is it likely that the analog part of the mixed signal design will still be done in CMOS? Or is that too hard to predict and it depends on what the new technology is?

I guess I am just paranoid about learning analog CMOS design to just have it replaced with some new technology that renders me without any useful skills in the job market. So my follow up question would be how interchangeable would my CMOS education likely be with the new technology that replaces CMOS? Or is that too hard to predict as well?

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The world is still analog.
There will always be the need for signal conditioning in the analog domain before hitting the first ADC.

For instance, thermocouple sensing. Its voltage output is so low, and the common mode noise in an industrial environment so high that I can't see it ever going straight into an ADC without some front end analog help.

So....if you learn analog CMOS design in addition to digital CMOS design (which is a given), then you'll be proficient in mixed-signal CMOS design. From the job postings in professional job boards, that skill set is in very high demand.


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It's the analog part of the design that's important to learn. Whether the technology is CMOS or becomes something else is of less importance as your analog skills will transfer to the new technology.