Replacing an analog potentiometer with a digital potentiometer

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Hi All,

My limited knowledge is making it hard for me to find a suitable replacement for a pot used to control the backlight of an LCD. The LCD in question is the following:

I believe R6 is what I'll be replacing (it's one of those dial types). I'm unsure if the voltage (19.2v) needs to be considered as, from what I can tell, most digipots only work with ±5v. Also it's 500r, but most digipots are 10k. The current pot reduces the brightness to about half, ideally I'd like to reduce the brightness completely.

I'd ideally like a non-volatile digipot so I can 'save' the value on shutdown. I've not found anything that matches my requirements based on my limited understanding.

In terms of the interface, 3-wire serial (SPI) would be ideal.

Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement?

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to AAC.

What's the voltage drop across the backlight? The maximum voltage to which the pot will be exposed needs to be considered, and low voltage is a problem with many digital pots. A cheaper and often easier way is simply to use the MCU to PWM control a BJT or mosfet switch.