Repair Sound On Motherboard ASUS Maximus vii Hero

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Hi all,

I had my wired headphone connected to the 3.5 stereo jack in the back line out of the Motherboard. The Headphone cable had a portion of the copper wire exposed as it was in the process of repair. While trying to get rid of some mosquitos using the high voltage electric mosquito racket the charged DC electric net came in contact with the exposed part of the Headphone cable and there was a loud boom sound in the headphones that i was listening to some music on and then just a continuous hissing sound which does not respond to the volume on the computer.

What can/should i do to get back the great sound of this motherboard. when i connect the headphones to the 3.5 stereo jack the computer recognizes it but there is only a hissing sound. The headphones work fine on other units.

Thank You