Repair help regards wall ac adapter

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Hello Friends, I am trying to repair a Panasonic Wall ac adapter (6V, 500ma) smps based, I checked with multimeter no output, checked and internal fuse with continuity and all okay, I am attaching pics, im novice so donno what else may be wrong in it, front and back image of pcb with components is attached, at the back there seems to be 2 black spots on some kind of resistance if I can identify properly. Can you all please help me what all I can check and how??



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I'm sorry to say but that looks toasted to me!

R12, R13 are blown and so are the capacitors next to it.
one of the electrolytic capacitors is damaged - probably worth testing the others.

If you can find the DataSheet for IC1 you might be able to work out the blown resistor and capacitor values.


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Apart from the obviously cooked components there may be other damaged components. I agree with DD; bin it. 6V 500mA wall-warts are two a penny (nearly :) ).


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Take a look at C1 - it's clearly bulging. If I wanted to fix this thing (instead of just replacing it), I'd start there. Maybe replace all the electrolytics. But unless you have them on hand in your junk box, it'll be cheaper to just replace the whole thing.