Repair Headphone Wire Ripped from PCB

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Few wires got ripped from PCB of my headphone. PCB has volume changing wheel attached to it. How can I know where to solder ripped wire?

Otherwise, can I remove PCB and join wires together to get headphone working?


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A picture with better focus would be helpful. How many wires were ripped off? It looks like the board in question is some sort of volume control. You can use a DVM to determine which leads correspond to each speaker and go from there.


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Photo shopped your image, it is marginally better.
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By appearance I see pads ripped off. Also the bare wire looks like the one on one relationship with the other bare wire on the other side of the bus. I would assume the black goes to the partial pad just above, the bus would need to be bridged with a solder blob and he will need a very small tip on a variable solder Iron. IMHO, If he doesn't have access to a good solder station, it's probably cheaper to buy new head phones.