Regarding program fetching of TMP89FH42UG microcontroller

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I am currently studying the TMP89FH42UG microcontroller. Because I am doing a project related to an AC machine using this microcontroller. So I want to know about the programming part of it. So Kindly can I get the programmer part of the TMP89FH42UG microcontroller?.


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Your question is confusing. You’d you clarify what you mean by “the programmer part of the TMP89FH42UG microcontroller”?


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To program an MCU one can use an IDE (integrated development environment).
Very often the manufacturer of the MCU will recommend or even supply the IDE.

The old school way is to use a text editor to create the source code.
This is sent to an assembler or compiler which produces object code.
The object code is given to the linker and finally to a chip programmer.