Recommend LED Driver for CREE X-Lamps

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Does anyone have recommendations for a GOOD LED driver for the following CREE X-lamps? I searched Ebay and Amazon, and there are LOT's of options. I just need your help to maybe narrow it down for me with these conditions. I'm building a microscope, so I need the light to be stable.

Lamp #1:
Lamp specs: FV: 11.3V, Max. current 1.05A. I'm looking to drive this LED at roughly 350mA.

Lamp #2:
Lamp Specs: FV: 11.5V, Max current 1.5A. I'm looking to drive this LED at roughly 750mA

Here are my specs on driver that I need for each lamp:
a. 1 output (only need off/on)
b. Can be PCB or case mounted, but I need a VERY small form factor
c. Need it within 2 weeks
d. I plan on supply 12VDC to the driver/LED

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.