Need to recommend a handheld drone jammer manufacturer

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According to following technical specification:

  • the system must directionally interfere with radio signals in the public frequencies 433 MHz, 915 MHz (865-960 MHz), 2,4 GHz (2 400-2 485 MHz), 5,8 GHz (5 100-5 900 MHz),
  • the system shall directionally interfere with GNSS in all supported bands (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO),
  • the system shall be capable of interfering in all required bands with a transmit power of 5 W,
  • the system shall have a minimum IP33 rating and be able to operate in a temperature range of at least -20 °C to +50 °C,
  • maximum weight including battery of 8 kg,
  • the system shall allow a minimum interference time of 1 hour for all bands on 1 fully charged battery,
  • the system shall be equipped with a battery charger and 2 back-up batteries,
  • the system must be stored in a sturdy transport box (plastic or metal),
  • the system must have built-in automatic diagnostics (BIT)

I would welcome a tip on a suitable jammer.
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