Re-triggerable Monostable 555 Timing Circuit Issue

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Matthew Whittingham

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Hi guys, this one is really scratching my head and I'm pretty sure it's simpler than I'm cooking up in my head!

I'm designing a trigger circuit for a 'laser tag' system. S1 represents the laser blaster's trigger, R1 is the Current limiting resistor for the output diode (Actually a Transistor output driver but for simplicity just a resistor), and R3 is a preset potentiometer to adjust the output pulse duration.

It needs to output a pulse from ~50 - 120ms, and not be able to re-trigger until the trigger switch has been released.

I have designed the monostable oscillator circuit without issue, the output is exactly what I need it to be:upload_2019-7-29_22-7-24.png

However, if the 'trigger' is held down (ie: low), the output remains high. This is registered by my windows based system as a constant input and your 'blaster' then acts as a mouse:

How do I go about preventing my circuit from re-triggering until the trigger switch has been released (ie the input pin has gone HIGH), so that the user can shoot as fast as they can pull the trigger?

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Matthew Whittingham

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Connect the R2/S1 junction to the Trig input via a capacitor (say 10nF). Connect a 10k pull-up resistor from the Trig pin to Vcc.
Thank you! I knew it would be something simple!
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Although not the answer to your question, if resistor R3 is adjusted to zero ohms, the 555 timer is likely to be killed – therefore you should include a 1kΩ resistor in series to prevent this.