Question about USB connectors and cable

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Victor Vieux

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I have a small project in mind involving a raspberry pi: I want to put it inside an arcade joystick to be able to create a plug and play joystick, you just have to connect an hdmi cable et power on.

The joystick comes with a very long usb cable attached via connector [1] on the attached picture.
Here is what I plan on doing:

1) Unplug connector [1]
2) buy a short male connector [1] -> male usb cable to connect the joystick to the pi
3) buy a short female connector [1] -> male microusb cable to reuse the existing usb cable as power (then I simply need to put an USB power adaptor)

Here are my questions:

1) Is is ok to reuse the existing "data" usb cable as power (should be 5V) and should I remove the piece [2]
2) What's the name of connector [1], I can't find the cable I'm looking for online.