px26 pressure transducer amplification with AD620 opamp, calibration techiniques

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    Mar 5, 2015

    I'm new to circuits and electronics have no basic understanding prior to this project, please forgive my ignorance asking these basic questions and help me.
    For my project I have to use a px26 omega differential pressure transducer to find out the pressure in a flow, as you know px26 works in millivolts. I use arduino and matlab to collect data. Arduino cannot detect something in milli volts, hence i have to amplify the sensor output. I have learnt that I could do this using industrial Ad620 op amp.
    So, ,me being new to all this, I'm having problems using the op amp.
    1) Where do i check my amplified voltage is it port 6? Vout?
    2) I'm trying to amplify the voltage from 16 milli volts to about 3.2 volts(something that arduino is comfortable with) so I have used an Rg of 400 ohms. is it correct?
    3) Can someone tell me the calibration procedure for this pressure sensor? I have been to about shunt calibration using a voltage divider as a reference and comparing those values to the opamp+pressure sensor circuit. What values should i compare, this is quite confusing.
    I have to have this amplified voltage fed into the arduino board which connects to matlab simulink .

    I have attached a circuit that I'm trying to understand.

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    Jan 15, 2015
    See your replies in the other forum you posted in. Carl gave you the answers to your questions.