Push button Switch & Active Switch implementation in negative wire - Help needed

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Hi Guys,

I want to connect Linear regulator ground via switch in negative rail as per below >
So i need two switch > 1. Push Button > 2. Active Switch(MOSFET)
The Idea was when user press the switch there is supply voltage between Vout and GND and once there is power supply builds up it enables microcontoller. Now microcontroller make path between Vout and GND. As long as microcontroller need power it enable the active switch otherwise it switch off the power supply.

I have done simulation but it is not working as expected.
Could anybody help me out here ?



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I think you will need to put the MOSFET switch on the input or output from the regulator. Putting it on the input will also eliminate the quiescent regulator current when it is off.


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AlbertHall is correct, if you lift the ground the max voltage will be present at Vcc and better to switch the supply voltage at the input.
Something like the schematic below. Component values dependent on your specs.
Steve G
EEE micro power latch.png
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