Purpose of Metal Housing on DC Jack Socket

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Scott Unknown

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I removed this DC jack socket from a wifi router board for use in another project. The posts in the center are the ground and Vout. Where I'm a little uncertain is the metal body and the 4 pins extending from it. The metal body has tabs that extend into the socket hole, so when the barrel is inserted, it connects the ground pin in the center to the metal body and, therefore, the 4 pins.

What's the purpose of the metal body and why is it connected to the gound of the circuit? What purpose do the 4 pins coming from the body serve? Note that when installed in the PCB, these pins were soldered into the board. Can I safely ignore these pins if I reuse this component in another circuit?



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The 4 pins are used to solder the socket to the board securely.
They supply added grounding, you do not require them to make the socket functional, just that you may not have the rigidity as already mentioned, or shielding.


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The extra pins are additionally used to align the part on the PCB properly so that it will match the opening in the case for the plug to fit into the jack.