Pulse Position Modulator Simulation output

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Hi, I'm trying to build a Pulse position modulator circuit using LTSpice (required simulator). This is what I have done so far. The vout isn't right as the position of the pulses should be varying and width/amplitude is constant in PPM. Anything wrong with my circuit that I should change?
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That circuit basically changes the width of the pulse output versus the input signal.
Why did you think it would change only the pulse position?


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is my circuit wrong?
For generating a PPM signal, yes.
Where did you get it?

One way to generate a PPM signal is to configure the 555 as a triggered one-shot, and trigger if from a comparator (e.g. LM339/393) with a triangle-wave at one input at the pulse frequency, the other input with a sinewave at the modulation frequency.
If you use a single supply for the comparator, then both those signal voltages cannot go below ground (negative voltage).