Problems simulating the FAN7392 spice model

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Hello, I am having problems simulating the FAN7392 spice model that is provided on the company site.
Does anyone happen to have a working model or a half bridge or high side driver with an output current greater than 3?


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For simulation you can easily make a floating high side driver from an E-source or a B-source. Here is an example:
Note the Edriver is NOT ground referenced and has the same swing as the comparator U2 which is 0-15V. You can do the same thing with a B-source, but the expression is different. Consult the LTspice help pages for details. That should tide you over until you can identify an actual part that you can use. You can also include a gain factor in the expression for the E-source.


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I don't know what kind of trouble you are having with the model, but the switching time test circuit works just fine. Maybe you could provide more details on what kind of difficulty you are having. I see that the file is encrypted, but that does not prevent it from running.
Side Note: V(n003) is a square wave input from voltage source V3 to HIN. V4 is a complementary signal for LIN so the two output signals will be complementary. Note also that the BLUE trace is HO with respect to Vs -- it is NOT ground referenced in this display.

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