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Problems replacing Parking sensor button

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Hi, noob trying to replace the on/off switch that came with my aftermarket front parking sensors that I installed on my car. I used the Cobra Park Master ones: http://cobracartech.co.uk/en/front-parking-sensors/867-front-parkmaster-4-sensors-flush-mount.html

the switch that it comes with some times doesn't activate unless you push it a few times. I got a metal push button switch that lights up to replace it but it doesn't seem to turn it off or on. I don't know enough as to why. Can anyone help?

Please see attached pictures of the original switch vs what I'm trying to use. Note that the original button only has two wires that go to a control box. At first I tried to just attach those two wires to the new button switch but that did nothing, then I attached a wire to a 12v source that lights up the new switch, but still doesn't turn on/off the parking sensor.

Thank you

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If the components on the original board weren't needed they wouldn't be there.
With the original switch where on that PCB are the two wires connected?
To use the new switch you need to either connect the new switch across the switch on the PCB so you are using the original circuitry or duplicate the circuit and attach it to your new switch.
The fist pic suggests a 1K resistor in series with an LED and the transistor might actually be used as a diode. There's a 470 ohm resistor there too.

With the help of an oohmmeter, you may be able to trace the circuit on the PCB. The numbers on th eparts may mean someting. 471 is a 470 ohm resistor, 102 is a 1K resistor.

The three lead capacitor has 2 leads shorted, so it COULD be a transistor, but not acting as one.