Problem withs musical tesla coil

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bahi jh

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I am trying to make the musical tesla coil circuit from the following video
tesla coil.jpg

with this schematic.
At the moment i just want to produce the spark from the end of the tesla coil so i haven't added the audio input or the capactiors.

I have been told that both LEDs light up when the circuit is working correctly for some reason when i use the 2N2222 transistor the LEDS light up but no spark is seen on the coil. but when i replace it with a high power transistor BD243C or TIP41C so i can give the circuit more power the LEDs won't light up.
I am using the mosfet 80NF70
Why is it that the LEDs light up for only 2N2222 and not for BD243C?

also any advise on implementing the circuit would be appreciated thankyou
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Is your circuit just humming? Maybe it doesn't know the words. Sorry for that, but it makes as much sense as calling that circuit a Tesla coil circuit.


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Your led across the transistor BE wont work as it's only getting 0.7V, the led wired to the coil only has one pin connected, so how that works is a miracle!!