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Hello, i'm a beginner in eletrônics and i'm having a few problems with a basic schematics, i'm trying to connect a transistor, i'm trying to connect it to my arduino but the led won't power up in the simulator, but if i connect it on the protoboard it goes just fine ... I don't know what is wrong. the sourcers in the schematics are of 5 and 10 VWhatsApp Image 2019-12-09 at 09.50.54.jpeg


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Try connecting the LED and the 1K in the transistor collector, connect the emitter to 0V.
Let us know how it goes.


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Your circuit is an emitter follower, so the emitter voltage across the resistor-LED can be no more than the input base voltage minus about 0.7V.

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You did not say the specified forward voltage or color of the LED. A red one is about 2V and a white, blue or modern bright green one is about 3.2V. Since your transistor is an emitter-follower, not as a common-emitter switch then the 4.7k base resistor is not needed.

With 5V into the 4.7k resistor then the base voltage will be a little less than 5V, maybe 4.8V. Then if a 3.2V LED is used, it and the 1k resistor get 4.8V - 0.7v= 4.1V and the current in the LED will be only (4.1V - 3.2V)/1k= 0.9mA which will be fairly dim.


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You can drive an LED in the emitetr, although that is not the best way to do so,
as Eric points out.

Here is a sim driving in emitter. 3 1N4148s were used to sim a 2V LED. As you can see
LED current is not very good.


Regards, Dana.