Problem with pioneer djm 500

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Joined Nov 12, 2019
Hi, I'm new to this site, I have a pioneer djm 500 and the issue is that it seems to be something wrong with the input levels, sound like the amp volume is low and the channels and trim are turn past the half way marks, and the level peaks are low unless I turn the bass knob up on the djm and that's on all 4 channels. The peak level don't respond at all on the master channel with little increase in sound. I thought it was my music source and/or amp, so I switch the djm out with a Mackie 1202-vlz and it sound great like the djm did before the issues I'm having now. Could someone please give me some direction on this matter? I'm no expert, intermediate at best.I have a cheap digital multimeter TEK 10709 if that means anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.