Problem with accounts in XP

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Greetings oh wise ones,
I have a problem with creating new accounts on my PC(windows XP SP3). When I attempt to create a new limited account and log on it asks for a password even though no password was set. Even if I try to remove password it still insists on a password even if none has been set.
When I try to set a password (via Admin account) in Control panel Accounts or in Computer Management it will accept the password and hint but still will ask for a password on new account login but not accept set password although the correct hint is there.
If I change the account to Administrator with or without password it logs in OK
I tried same thing on another XP machine and all worked correctly. Does anyone have any ideas what could the fix be(without reinstalling)?


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I haven't used XP in a while, but I believe the option to logon without a password is set in "local policy".
"local policy" is located in computer management.