Problem: Raspberry Pi to NXP MPC5744p over SPI

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I am currently trying to get SPI data transfer between the MPC5744p and a Raspberry Pi 4 to work.
I'm using the SPIdev python toolkit to send the value 26 over to the MPC, using the attached script.
To receive this, i've modified the code of the SPI_MPC5744P example to only expect data arriving on the slave DSPI2.

When testing this my connections were as follows:

Raspberry Pi NXP
SCLK → DSPI_2 CLK (PA0 - J5_1)
MOSI → DSPI_2_SIN (PA2 - J5_5)

The code on the MPC5744P was intended to send a message to UART when SPI transfer has happened. However, when using the script on the Raspberry Pi, I could not get this message to show up.

I'm currently stuck as I can't seem to find out what I'm forgetting?

At first I thought that i also needed to connect the Slave Select pin, but the reference manual says that you shouldn't tie this to ground?

The code-archive for the NXP MPC5744p (I used the S32 Design Studio IDE) and the python script for the Raspberry Pi are in the attachment.

Thank you for your time.