Power Supply Failing

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So this one has baffled me and hope someone may have an answer

I have attached a picture of the power supply circuit, instead of the 500ma fuse I have a 1.6a fuse which powers 2 identical circuits to power 2 guitar effects pedals. An Electro Harmonix Super Switcher (150ma) and a Digitech Whammy 5th Gen (265ma)

The super switcher works perfectly, no issues at all. The whammy on the other hand is not working. If I try to power them up together the whammy won't even turn on? However plugging in 1 then the other works fine for a while but then randomly the whammy just dies and the circuit seems to go into some sort of protection which a disconnect and reconnect fixes

In theory this circuit should be overkill and power these pedals without fail but this whammy just wont play ball

I'm no electronics expert, where should I start in diagnosing and trying to work out what's going on here? I have read many people have powered this with an off the shelf 250ma supply without issues so don't see why this circuit wouldn't work

I have powered up the pedal with its original supply and my multimeter says its pulling 220ma max

Hope some experts here can point me in the right direction and help me diagnose and get this working...



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For those of us who are uninitiated, what is a Whammy?
It doesn't matter, It's using AD convertor to process an effect then DA out. A "Whammy" produces pitch bend/pitch shift. The analog version is called a whammy bar which is used to change to tension on all the strings at once for a tremolo or dive - you can hear this technique being used in Eruption by Eddie Van Halen.
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