PMT IN800I Generator , AVR issue

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Hi All
I'm new here so please be gentle !

I have acquired a suitcase style generator ( it's a Chinese copy of the Honda EU series ) , mechanically fine, engine starts and runs great just no power...

So far I have checked the stator resistance on both coils, fine, I have voltage when its running at the stator plug.
Connected to the current AVR the "overload" led shows but no power....

On checking online this is a common issue amongst many brands of this style of generator.

I do not want to run delicate electronics from the generator, just lights and power tools, there are plenty of AVR's on Ebay, any advice would be appreciated.

I realise the original AVR units control a stepper motor for load compensation, I'm not bothered with this, I'll make a manual adjuster.

It just seems a shame to scrap a generator ( as many have I'm sure ) for this problem.