Plug to PCB removal issues

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Hi, hope someone can advise.. picture shows main PCB of a Technics sl1200 mk2. turntable.I am struggling to remove a plug that connects at CN103 in the diagram. Usually these plugs wiggle out but I can’t remove it . Any suggestions.. is there a tool that might help or a suitable lubricant?

this is not my area of expertise

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Hi DB,
Connectors of the type sometimes have a retaining bar section on the over hanging plastic flap which engages in a recess on the main body of the connector. Very gently, try to lift the overhanging part and pull out the connector.

Let's know how it goes.:)
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Inspect the connector carefully—it may be glued in place.

If not, it may be one of the connectors that requires a surprising amount of force to insert or remove without deforming the shell of the connector on the PCB because it was not designed to be removed without doing that.

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This is the plug in question. Turntable manufacturied circa ‘96. No obvious removal tabs. Incidentally it should be capable of removal as per the service manual and does not appear glued in. I am loathed to use excessive force as I have already disturbed an adjacent transistor IMG_0530.jpeg