Please help me to learn about Embedded Systems from novice to mid-range and up.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction toward some descent readings to learn more about embedded systems electronics?



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Embedded systems covers a lot of ground today. I would break it down to micro-controllers and micro-processors. The future seems to be going the micro-processor route......but we will be using micro-controllers for years to come.

If you are an older person....I would suggest a micro-controller. And you will need to learn C language.

If you are a young person and this is all new to you......I would suggest an AVR processor.

The processors are a lot more powerful and can run operating systems.

Either can purchase evaluations broads relatively cheaply and get started. You might even want to try more than one board/company.

Look at all the products of the Microchip co., Texas Instrument Co., Amet., STM., and many others.

And a lot of people use Arduino to get started with embedded systems.


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"Embedded system" is a rather ambiguous term that seems to cover about anything that uses a dedicated computing device. This can range from low-cost microcontrollers, to a relatively expensive FPGAs, or even a desktop computer software-purposed to a specific task. Also realize the boundaries between these examples have gotten far less defined over the last 10 years. There are microcontrolers with FPGA cores on-chip. There are microcontrollers that run operating systems generally used on PC's, you can emulate a microntroller on an FPGA.... you get the point.

I'm just going to guess that you are looking at microcontroller programming and interfacing. If this is the case, the options are plentiful. My take: I still think PIC microcontrollers are a superb way to learn the craft, and the lineup of 8-bit controllers is still my go-to for many designs.

Why not start here:

Get yourself a PICKit 3, a breadboard, some breadboarding wire/jumpers, a PIC processor (DIP style for a breadboard) and may be a few LEDs/resistors and you can learn a lot.


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Can anyone point me in the right direction toward some descent readings to learn more about embedded systems electronics?

Embedded system is combination of hardware and software that is used to develop specific tasks
Embedded hardware : Learn about Microcontroller and Micropcessor
Embedded software : Learn about c compiler and assembler
buy any development board I will suggest 8051 development and start to write small program. test your code on your hardware. your first step should , write c program for LED blinking , program your microcontroller using Programmer software
8051 - p8951rd2 search on internet and tell me what is difference between them ?
which compiler support P89v51rd2?
which programmer software support P89v51rd2 ?
to make any project you need microcontroller , compiler , programmer software and peripheral device such as LED, LCD Motor.... etc

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Thank you everyone. To give a little insight, I am a younger person just getting into all of this for the most part and would like to lean towards embedded systems used in the automotive industry