Please Help for select converter with FT232RL/CH340/PL2303(USB Chip)

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We had a question about the USB chips.
For the use of USB in RS485 and RS232 and TTL interface, three FT232RL and CH340 and PL2303 chips have been developed by three different companies.
The question is, is there a fundamental difference between the three chips?
FT232RL chip is more expensive than CH340 or PL2303! Can we say FT232RL is superior to CH340 or PL2303? And what is this advantage? Can we say FT232RL performs better than CH340 or PL2303? And what is this good performance?
Are CH or PL chips less quality or poorer than FT chips?

Please Help for select converter with FT or CH or PL.

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I have used many Prolific adapters with success, but the fail in certain areas. They cannot swing above and below ground without external level translating circuitry and they seem to have some difficulty at what I consider to be very high baud rates.

The FTDI adapters seem to ALWAYS work, so for simple things like sending low speed data from a CMOS processor to a terminal the Prolific adapters work fine, even the CH340 seems to work well in those applications.

For "serious" work, particularly if a real RS-232 port is involved, I stick with FTDI. They are more expensive, but they have been hassle free.


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If you are using a Mac, stick with the FTDI chips. The CH340 drivers have a bad habbit of crashing Macs, unfortunatly.
They crash with no warning, just like having the power switched off. Very frustrating!
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