Pinout for LiON aftermarket Rechargeable Battery

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hi ! all

i have OEM m18 Li-Ion impact wrench with OEM batterypack. im missing the oem or aftermarket specific M18 charger.

i thow have an 18V Li-Ion charger from "Einhell power x-change". it has same output voltage and Amps as Milwaukees own rapid charger.

Can somebody help me to identify which are the correct Pin-pairs for connecting together Einhell charger and M18 battery, please ?

i have dismantled my ImpactWrench shellbody, to have alook about its Pinorder. i have also done the same for the Einhell charger.

The Einhell charger has 3 pins that have a function: B+ B- and NTC thermistor. How do i connect these into M18 battery with jumpwires/cables ?

its somewhat confusing due the OEM milwaukee charger not using Batterys Pin A (because in tools body the A pin is "Battery+" feed) ......

and as somesaid (is it tru?) that aftermarket china made chargers on eBay only use B+ and B- ? nothing else not even NTC ?

if im right all needed data is in this Topic we are in, just need to figure it out. help please ?

i have also bought from eBay the "imax B6 charger balancer" that im currently waiting to arrive on post. im planning on rewoking recycled-harvested LapTop Cell's......

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hey ! thats not an good idea, as the Existing old pots has already usable data and photos etc on it !!!

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I added a link to the old thread, so there is a reference.
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No thanks to OverModerating and ruining topic...... my efforts have continued, so looking youtube videos for Dismantling OEM M12/M18 Li-Ion charger(s) , i have managed to see some details from the PCB wiring/pinouts for Battery Charge connetion.

This is the only photo sofar that ive managed to found ,showing 1 of the Wires(Green) labelled "Vcell2".

^^Chargers pinout connection (Wire colors) into M18 battery, can be seen from above photo:
From left to right on photo:

Black: is defenitely: B-
Yellow: would it be Vcell1 ? or NTC Thermistor ?
Red: must be: Charge B+ (corresponding Pin on M18 battery PCB is marked as "Charge"
Green: is based on above linked photo: Vcell2

So atm what confuses me is that Doesnt M18 Milwaukee charger use NTC at all ? as im about to bend towards as mentioned the Pin being for Vcell1.

as for a my own hands/eyes checked fact ,the 18V Li-Ion charger from "Einhell power x-change" that i have ,uses NTC thermistor Pin on Charger into Battery connection.

as a side note on a OEM Milwaukee M12/M18 charger, the M12 charge wires/pcb markings are known as:

White: T1 ( apparently it must be: ntc-thermistor )
Black: B-
Blue: Vcell1
Red: Charge B+
Green: Vcell2

Taken these M12 details into "reference", do you see my confusion ?

and to any1 reading this topic, PLEASE look at the Original topic Due the OverModerating, if you want to see M18 Battery PCB markings etc.

im open to help and ideas.

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UP !

so What to do with the "NTC-thermistor" issue Versus "Cell voltage balancing" @ the replacement "bodged" "hacked" Einhell power x-hange charger.. ?