PIC uC using Vcap

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I have a bit of confusion.:(
Q1.) Does PIC16F876A & PIC16F886 uses Vcap ?
Q2.) If I need In circuit debugging should I leave the PGC and PGD only for that purpose ? I can if it needs to.
Q3.) Do I need PGM pin fro debugging ? I am planning to use it as a I/O. Do I need that pin free as PGM so I will not get confused while coding and debugging. I know I will if I plan to use that pins as I/O later.
Please do not over complicate the answer. I am confused as of now.:oops:

Too much confusing info and I will have to move to a friendly 16F88. ( too little I/O's ).
I like to get to know this PIC ( 876 and 886, as they are pin compatible ).
PS. This is for access controller.:p