Physical copies of Lessons in Electric Circuits?

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I can't concentrate on books - especially informationally dense books - on an electronic screen. I looked and looked for a copy of the first volume of Lessons in Electronic Circuits (The open source book found on this site). I could find only places where older versions used to be sold and have been out of stock for a very long time.

Frustrated, I spent $10 on the supplies to print and bind my own copy. It was my first try, and it came out...usable. And it doesn't look THAT bad either. I guess you might say I have some experience now that will come in handy next time. If there aren't any places to buy the next 5 volumes, I'll definitely make the rest myself...but...I'd rather not. Is there a place to buy physical copies?



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Pretty sure they stopped selling physical copies when tablets came out. I'm just like you I cant read a book on the computer,eventually I would end up on YouTube or on a forum because I would lose concentration. I'd suggest to print them out yourself should be cheaper then buying them anyway.