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I am a beginner PSPICE, in simulation electrical and electronics circuits. I want to simulate a schematic with the program Micro-CAP 12. I want to look for some graphics from a photodiode PIN which is a InGaAs Photodiode IG22-Series, I want to monitor follow parameters:

  • responsivity (A/W) vs wavelength(nm);
  • dark current (A) vs reverse voltage (V);
  • shunt resistance vs. temperature;
  • detectivity vs. shunt x area;
  • capacitance vs. reverse voltage;
  • responsivity temperature coefficient.

And at the transistor BFP420 I want to monitor some graphics at the following parameters:

  • total power dissipation Ptot = ƒ(TS);
  • permissible pulse load RthJS = ƒ(tp);
  • permissible pulse loadPtotmax/PtotDC = ƒ(tp);
  • collector-base capacitance Ccb= ƒ(VCB)f = 1MHz;
  • transition frequency fT= ƒ(IC) f = 2 GHz VCE = parameter in V;
  • power gain Gma, Gms, |S21|² = ƒ (f) VCE = 2 V, IC = 20 mA;
  • power gain Gma, Gms = ƒ (IC) VCE = 2V f = parameter in GHz;
  • collector-base capacitance Ccb = f (VCB) VBE = 0, f = 1MHz;
  • noise figure F = f (IC) VCE = 2 V, ZS = ZSopt;
  • noise figure F = f (IC) VCE = 2 V, f = 1.8 GHz;

I do not know how to begin. Please help me. I accept, if is necessary any simulator of circuits.Or only important electrical parameters.

Thank you for understanding,