PCB Design Review...for my first design

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Hello All,

This is my first post here, iam designing PCB for first time, and i have taken a complex task which comprises of audio signals in my circuit, i have done schmeatics and the PCB design for the circuit, can any of you help me resolving if any problem in my circuit please i ahve attached the files in this thread hope any of you can help me pleasee..

...i cannot attache my entire pcb files it says file not supported here please drop me email if you can help ..thank you

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there are plenty of supported file formats for attachments. you could ZIP your files, or simply post screenshots or PDF...that way anyone could view and comment on your files content even if they do not have same software you used to create your project.


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I can't comment on your PCB layout as I can't open .pcbdoc files not having an easyEDA account; you'd be better printing them off in PDF format - both sides of board, with and without component positions (silk screen).

However I can comment on your schematic, which is really hard to read as there is too much on one sheet and no obvious logical layout. Have a look at this youtube video on ways to make schematics readable:


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totally agree on layout and readability.
btw. just to show that there is no problem posting schematics directly. this also makes it easier for read and comment than accessing files inside archive. posting PCB layout as PDF or couple of images would make it easy for all members to see and comment regardless which software they normally use.